Nerve Pain No More [Part 1]

Nerve Pain? Or is it?

“I’m out of pain!” Jenny exclaimed as she jumped out of her waiting room chair. A couple weeks ago she was in constant pain, having been diagnosed by her GP with “some kind of nerve pain”, and with only prescription painkillers to turn to. Naturally she was exhausted from the severe pain, and had to take time off work.

She had turned to various modalities to help, and nothing had provided permanent relief.  With heightened pain levels, she had to turn to her prescription painkillers, but even they started to wear off after a couple weeks.

Today – after a couple of sessions with me – she was out of pain and off her prescription painkillers, and her energy had improved.

Here is her experience in her own words –

“After many tests, my Doctor diagnosed me as having “some kind of nerve pain”. The treatment my Doctor gave me was a prescription for some heavy-duty pain medications. After a few sessions with Caroline, I was able to stop taking the medication. I still don’t really understand what Caroline does, but I’ve gone from pretty constant pain to the occasional mild twinge.”

Pain Pain Go Away

 Jenny’s experience is a common one to many people. Over the years we all have symptoms that present. It may be a sharp pain in our abdomen or a persistent pain somewhere else. Sometimes they go away, but sometimes they stick around long enough for us to do something.

We go see the GP to see what’s going on. They may recommend an ultrasound, and we hope it may provide the answer to our strange pain. Once the scans are back, our GP tells us it’s “nothing serious”, or perhaps a vague diagnosis in the case of Jenny – “some kind of nerve pain”.

While we receive these diagnoses with a sigh of relief, it can also be frustrating to have no definitive diagnosis and therefore no definitive treatment plan. It’s disappointing to not have our experience of pain validated, let alone have a solution to the pain. Painkillers may be a short-term option, but most people don’t want to depend on them in the long-term.

Pain is congestion

It’s helpful to understand pain happens when there is congestion in the body. This congestion can be caused by impact (e.g. falling over and impacting the body) or can just be a function of time that leads to congestion. (After all, we all know a 94 year old doesn’t move as fast as a 4 year old).

Congestion can cause pain in different areas of the body. It could be congestion in the centre at the back of the neck, causing constant neck pains. It could be congestion in the channel that runs down the hip (often misdiagnosed as “sciatica nerve pain” but with no treatment available for such a diagnosis).

In Jenny’s case, she was experiencing pain in her abdominal region that was being caused by congestion in two organs and channels in the abdomen. Nothing presented on the ultrasound – which looks for biological malaise – but a more underlying energetic malaise was causing the issue.

If you want to learn more about the energetic system and how it can be used to treat pain in the body, read on at Part 2: The Hidden System.




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p.s. This is article is designed to be informative only, and should not be used to diagnose your symptoms. If you have any severe or recurring symptoms, please see your GP. It’s better to be safe!