My Passion for Pain

Why I’m passionate about pain

I knew as I landed the forward-roll that I’d landed wrong.  I was training in karate to become a black belt and often had injuries that came and went.  This one was different. The immediate pain went away, but for years  I would be writhing in pain if I had to sit still (often in meditation class). My shoulder was fine while I was moving, but sitting for any prolonged period of time resulted in agony.

I tried every modality I could think of that might ease the shoulder pain. All of them were like Band-Aids; it would help for a couple days, maybe a week, but would return to being painful. I spent thousands of dollars, trying dozens of different modalities to ease the pain. I tried osteopaths, chiropractors, kinesiologists –  you name it, I tried it.  Modalities that had worked for other injuries just didn’t seem to help improve my condition. It was expensive, time-consuming and a depressing process.

I would get my hopes up that a new treatment might work, only to be let down again.

I refused to accept that pain should be part of my everyday life. To me, that was like accepting a life-long sentence of pain.

Someone mentioned that AcuEnergetics might help me. A couple sessions later, I was hooked; it not only relieved the pain, it also continued to improve and stabilise my shoulder.

I started studying immediately and have been studying ever since. I’ve started treating at Lotus Wellbeing Centre in Wollongong. I have the lived experience of pain, the failed attempts of “pain management” and the frustration of trying all sorts of modalities with limited results. It makes me a more empathetic and determined practitioner.

What you can expect when working with me

If you’re currently experiencing symptoms which you haven’t been able to solve through the normal avenues (e.g. start with your GP), and want to get to the bottom of it, I’m here to be your partner, confidant and cheerleader.

In our first session together, we’ll review your current issues, plus any other health symptoms or big things that have happened in your life. By getting to know you – the whole you – I’ll develop a holistic approach to treat you.

After your first session, I’ll develop a care plan that will give you tools to help yourself throughout the week, as well as a recommendation on the number of sessions it will take to treat your condition. You’ll have the option to purchase a package of sessions (at a discounted rate) or continue with the normal session rate.

At each session we’ll track your improvements against your health concerns, as well as any other changes you might have noticed in your life. After all, we’re treating the whole person!

I’m looking forward to this healing journey with you.

Be well,





At Liberated Health we support you to Feel Better Faster.  We serve the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and South Coast.  Treatments are provided to clients at Lotus Wellbeing Centre in Wollongong.

p.s. This is article is designed to be informative only, and should not be used to diagnose your symptoms. If you have any severe or recurring symptoms, please see your GP. It’s better to be safe!