The Hidden System [Part 2]

Where energy flows, things grow

Everyone has felt energy at one point in their life – it could be as simple as a static shock when jumping in the car, or maybe a spark from an appliance or electric fence. The energy emitted from the body is much smaller than the energy used to power your TV, but it is quantifiable and measurable (Source: How Stuff Works).

Recent research has shown how the body adjusts the electrical fields of the body to sign that repair needs to take place. It acts as an “internal compass” by creating tiny electric fields so that cells involved in tissue repair can sense it, and move towards the site of injury. (Source: New Scientist)

Healing Pain with Improved Energy Flow

In treating people experiencing pain, we want to reverse the impacts of the congestion that has been causing them pain. To do this we want to encourage flow within the energetic system to get the natural flow of the body to be restored. We use a technique called resonance that creates a low-resistance field for congested energy to flow to. This is very similar to the body’s natural healing process.

What pains can be treated?

  • Back Pain – “I had a session with Caroline recently for my very sore back and after I was pain free for the first time in ages. The treatment was very gentle and relaxing.” – Kate
  • Sciatica Nerve Pain & Lower Back Pain – “My chiropractor recommended that I should try something different, to try and ease the pain I was suffering. I am so glad he recommended me to Caroline. My pain level has reduced, which makes simple day to day tasks easier.” – Jim
  • Nerve Pain – “After many tests, my Doctor diagnosed me as having “some kind of nerve pain. The treatment my Doctor gave me was a prescription for some heavy duty pain medications. After a few sessions with Caroline, I was able to stop taking the medication. – Jenny

All pain relief I provide works on the same principles – it’s caused by congested stagnant energy and if we can get it to flow we will improve relieve the pain. So even if your specific pain location isn’t listed above, there’s a good chance we can help improve your pain levels.




At Liberated Health we support you to Feel Better Faster.  We serve the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and South Coast.  Treatments are provided to clients at Lotus Wellbeing Centre in Wollongong.

p.s. This is article is designed to be informative only, and should not be used to diagnose your symptoms. If you have any severe or recurring symptoms, please see your GP. It’s better to be safe!

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