Born to Ride?

Were you born knowing how to ride a bike? I’m guessing it’s something you learnt.

Energy healing is just like riding a bike:

  • It seems a little bizarre, until we try it for ourselves
  • We can have lots of reasons why I couldn’t possibly do it!”
  • We can learn how, with practice

I couldn’t possibly do it!

It’s funny how hard some things seem, until you do them.  I remember as a kid, wanting to learn how to ride a bike, but thinking, I couldn’t possibly do it!”

“Balancing mid-air without even a toe on the ground! Impossible!”

This is often how people feel about energy healing – it’s something that they’d love to do, but that it’s something I couldn’t possibly do!”

They may think they need “to be born with it”, or “have experience in other modalities” in order to learn.

“You just get it”

In the New Zealand comedy, The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, young Ricky, asks well-traveled Hector how he managed to find food in the bush. Hector replies, “Oh, I don’t know. The knack….It’s not a thing. It’s just- You just get it.

The truth is – you develop “the knack” for anything (riding a bike or energy healing) by learning it.  Eventually it becomes effortless; “You just get it”.


“The knack” for energy healing

In the Skills for Living program, we give you the opportunity to develop “the knack” for energy healing; so “You just get it”.

We spend two intensive days together to help you develop an understanding of various energy healing techniques and – most importantly – how to do them.  We provide a supportive environment and plenty of time to experiment and practice.  All the while, with encouragement and guidance from your teachers (who are also practicing AcuEnergetics® Practitioners).

Treat burns, bruises, sprains and more

Thousands of individuals all over the world have completed the two-day AcuEnergetics® Skills for Living program; learning to access their own healing capability.

We learn a special healing technique, unique to AcuEnergetics®, that helps remove energetic congestions (unlike other modalities that send energy into the client).  This means you can have much faster and effective results, even with just one weekend of training.

There are many examples of Skills for Living students having been able to:

  • Speed-up the healing process of burns and eliminate scarring
  • Treat bruises and sprains to take away swelling and pain
  • Give energetic balances to friends to boost immune function
  • Calm kids before bed


p.s.  Looking for something good to watch this weekend? You can watch the hilarious and heart-warming The Hunt for the Wilderpeople on SBS On Demand for free. If you’re one of those people (like me) that has to check the reviews first, not to worry – The Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a goodie, with an Audience Score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.