Client Experiences

Hear from some other clients experiences of working with Caroline

Back Pain

“I had a session with Caroline recently for my very sore back and after I was pain free for the first time in ages. The treatment was very gentle and relaxing.”


Sciatica Nerve Pain & Lower Back Pain –“My chiropractor recommended that I should try something different, to try and ease the pain I was suffering. I am so glad he recommended me to Caroline. My pain level has reduced, which makes simple day to day tasks easier.” – Jim

Nerve Pain –“After many tests, my Doctor diagnosed me as having “some kind of nerve pain“. The treatment my Doctor gave me was a prescription for some heavy duty pain medications. After a few sessions with Caroline, I was able to stop taking the medication.“ – Jenny

Back Pain – “Just want to thank you for the treatment you gave me, you really have a gift…. I am the type of person that I just plunge in, if I feel it is right to do. So I did with you. People said I should Google it first but I just rang you straight away & thank you. It was the right decision. My pain in my back has gone.“ – Christine

Stress – “I was dealing with a lot of stress and bottled up emotions that I felt impacted me day to day. After treatments I felt more open to accepting happiness and accepting other people..Highly recommended.” – Sam

Muscle Tightness – “My muscular restriction and tightness clearly felt freer after the treatment. Treatments were deeply restorative.” – Anastasia

Nerve Pain – “My nerve pain has fully improved, no need for further physio or other treatments.” – Eloise

Abdominal Pain – “Great!!!😀Body feels much better & pain lessening! More movement!!”– Past Client

Lower Back Pain & Sciatica – “I was not getting results from doctors and physio’s, so I started working with Caroline. My main problems have been resolved, so we were able to address other underlying problems. The treatment is always going into a positive direction, which I’m very happy with.”